Worship Services


Japanese Language @ 9:45 a.m.
English Language @ 11 a.m.

Community gathering for tea, snacks and connecting @ 12:15 p.m.

Bilingual Service @ 11 a.m. First and Last Sunday 

First Sunday is all Family Worship and Communion

All services include singing, shared and individual prayers, and other ways in which we worship God as part of the Beloved Community.
Sycamore’s Bilingual services are in both Japanese and English. This worship is often attended by Preschool families and families in the community.


Thursdays at 6:00 pm for 45 minutes  (conducted in English)

We explore a variety of Christian and Zen Buddhist meditation and mindfulness techniques together as spiritual companions. What we have found after two years of meeting, is that the most important thing people are seeking is the shared experience of silence. The format is simple:

Two back-to-back silent intervals of 15-20 minutes each, with a few moments of sharing at the beginning and ending of our gathering. During the silence, participants focus on their individual practice, which may be zen koans, Christian centering prayer, breath counting, etc. A cardinal rule we follow, borrowed from Rev. David Parks-Ramage, is “you can’t do it wrong”.

This is a joint ministry of Sycamore Congregational and Mira Vista UCC churches. The primary leaders are Rev. Kevin Omi and Rev. Dr. Melinda McLain.

Links we like:

Mercy Center’s East West Program

San Damiano Retreat Center

Northern California Contemplative Outreach


Tomodachi Time @ 10:15 a.m. (friendship time for children)
Nichigobu Fellowship @ 11 a.m. (primarily for Japanese language speakers)

Our Women’ Fellowship sometimes meets on Sunday or Monday. Its activities include beautiful arts and crafts, that often have a Japanese aesthetic. Check the Women’s Fellowship page for more information and Calendar of Events for updates.

Worship Services